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Overnight Cabin History

In the summer of 2009 lightning started the Heckman Pass Wildfire a few kilometres east of the overnight cabin site at East Branch in South Tweedsmuir Park.  Winds pushed it westward and it quickly overran the Tweedsmuir Ski Club overnight cabin site and burnt the cabin to the ground.  This cabin had been part of the Tweedsmuir Ski Club history for nearly 50 years and saw many visitors and families spending time in this beautiful part of the Chilcotin.

As the photo shows we weren't left with much to work with; we might be able to salvage some pieces from the wood stove.

Word about our situation circulated quickly and thanks to the efforts of Guy Berlinguette from the Quesnel Snowmobile Club who did a lot of organizing and discussing with club members, an offer was made by the Quesnel Snowmobile Club to donate a very well constructed log cabin that they had started a few years ago in a site that no longer met their needs.  The Tweedsmuir Ski Club members considered the offer and on January 13, 2010 the members approved a plan to begin the replacement project as it was decided that replacing the old log cabin with another character log cabin would be the best fit for the site and reflects the club's history in this part of  Tweedsmuir Park.

This is a photo of the cabin as it sat on the Quesnel site.  In January 2010 it was dismantled and moved it to East Branch and the reassembly and construction was started.

Rob Stewart, Director of Major Projects lead the organization and reconstruction efforts.  People to date have been generous with volunteer labour and fund raising.

After several seasons of hard work and numerous donations the cabin was officially reopened in March of 2013.  It's become a popular weekend and even week long getaway for winter enthusiasts from all over the province.

Finished Cabin!!