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Booking Instructions

Booking Instructions

Reservations are taken on a first come first serve based on email submission.

 Please copy and paste the following 8 questions into an email and send it to cabinreservations@tweedsmuirskiclub.com

Subject Line: Ski Cabin Booking


1.     E-mail Address: *

2.     First and Last Name *  

3.     Phone Number *

4.     How many nights would you like to reserve? (please count your nights carefully –the day you leave doesn’t count as a night but the day you arrive does) *

5.     Arrival date (after 3:00 PM) *

6.     Departure date (before 11:00 AM) *

7.     Are you a Tweedsmuir Ski Club Member? YesNo

8.     Please provide us with your mailing address *




Postal Code:


We will then respond back to you via email with an invoice confirming your reservation and indicating the required payment for your booking.  Currently we are only able to accept bookings for the season we are in.

Cabin payment is due upon receiving an invoice after your booking.  We ask that you mail a cheque to the Tweedsmuir Ski Club ( PO Box 614 Hagensborg, BC, V0T 1H0 ).  All of our bookings are final and payment is non-refundable.  Please don't book until you know you are committed to coming as your payment is due in advance and not refundable.

If you have cabin questions or reservation questions or wish to inquire about using the cabin for day use for a community event please contact cabinreservations@tweedsmuirskiclub.com

The rate per night to use the cabin for up to 6 people is $60.00/night for Tweedsmuir Ski Club members and $80.00/night for non members. Annual memberships to the Tweedsmuir Ski Club cost $25.00

Tweedsmuir Ski Club,
Jan 18, 2016, 6:20 PM